Creative Development Sessions

Creative Development Sessions

Creative Development Sessions

Formulaire de demande de don à la Fondation Sibylla Hesse

Nom de l'organisme :

Playwrights' Workshop Montréal (Inc)
Statut de la demande: Demande complète

Date de publication :


Section 1 - Identification de l'organisme

Site web de l'organisme :

Adresse :

7250 Clark, Suite 103
H2R 2Y3

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Responsable de l'organisme :

Emma Tibaldo
Artistic and Executive Director
514 843 3685
[email protected]

Personne responsable de la demande :

Lesley Bramhill
General Manager
514 843 3685
[email protected]

Mission de l'organisme :

Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal’s mission is to collaborate with artists in the development of new works of theatre and performance.

Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal (PWM) gives artists the opportunity to create and experiment, dream and take risks, fail and try again. Our dynamic collaborative process draws on our team’s unique expertise and is tailored to the artist’s individual needs. At PWM, playwrights, dramaturgs, translators, directors, performance artists, and theatre companies across the country find a creative accomplice willing to invest deeply in the development of meaningful work.

Founded in 1963, PWM is a nationally-mandated theatre development centre based in Montréal led by a team of renowned dramaturgs and arts administrators. While theatre has been at the core of what we do for over 50 years, our work now encompasses other forms of devised and interdisciplinary performance. In addition to seeking collaborations across diverse artistic traditions, we are strongly committed to supporting works which reflect a wide range of cultural identities and lived experiences. This commitment extends to our work in theatre translation, through which we play a key role in creating cultural conversations across Canada’s official-language communities and beyond.

Section 2 - Présentation générale de la demande de don

Type de demande :

financement d’un projet spécifique

Nom du projet :

Creative Development Sessions

Résumé du projet :

Montant demandé pour projet (en dollars) :


Activité ou service prévu :

Co-develop new pieces of theatre and performance of the highest quality, further broaden the scope of our collaborations and foster innovation in the field of theatre and performance

Activité ou service prévu :

Build partnerships in the community between emerging and established theatre artists

Activité ou service prévu :

Understand the needs of the artists we work with and shape our Creative Development Sessions around those needs

Section 3 - Documents

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