Technology upgrade – COVID – Hybrid model

Technology upgrade – COVID – Hybrid model

Technology upgrade – COVID – Hybrid model

Formulaire de demande de don à la Fondation Sibylla Hesse

Nom de l'organisme :

Montreal Oral School for the Deaf Foundation
Statut de la demande: Demande complète

Date de publication :


Section 1 - Identification de l'organisme

Site web de l'organisme :

Adresse :

4670 rue Ste Catherine Ouest
H3Z 1S5

Numéro d’enregistrement auprès de l’Agence de revenu du Canada :


Responsable de l'organisme :

Luisa Cordoba
Director General - Montreal Oral School for the Deaf (MOSD)
[email protected]

Personne responsable de la demande :

Susan McKinnon Bell
Executive Director - MOSD Foundation
514-622-9162 (cell due to COVID)
[email protected]

Mission de l'organisme :

The mission of the MOSD is to teach deaf children to listen and speak using the auditory verbal approach of teaching. We are committed to giving a voice to children with hearing loss. An auditory verbal education requires a lot of resources, including technology and financial, but also patience and perseverance at all times. The MOSD provides the resources our children and their family need to have the best chance of success in school and life in general. We allow staff and families to work together by providing best tools possible. Our add in services include full audiology services until high school graduation, psych-social services, parent and child home visits - all free of charge. The foundations role is to raise funds for these special services.

Section 2 - Présentation générale de la demande de don

Type de demande :

financement d’un projet spécifique

Section 3 - Documents

Votre dernier rapport annuel d'activités


Votre dernier rapport annuel financier


Votre budget de l’année courante (revenus et dépenses)


Si vous demandez un don pour un projet spécifique


Le budget détaillé du projet (revenus et dépenses)