Terry Fox PROFYLE Funding Shortage

Terry Fox PROFYLE Funding Shortage

Terry Fox PROFYLE Funding Shortage

Formulaire de demande de don à la Fondation Sibylla Hesse

Nom de l'organisme :

The Terry Fox Foudation
Statut de la demande: Demande complète

Date de publication :


Section 1 - Identification de l'organisme

Site web de l'organisme :


Adresse :

Suite 207, 10 Churchill Boulevard
Greenfield Park

Numéro d’enregistrement auprès de l’Agence de revenu du Canada :

10809 9979 RR0001

Responsable de l'organisme :

Michael Mazza
Executive Director
[email protected]

Personne responsable de la demande :

Clark Vallis
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
[email protected]

Mission de l'organisme :

The mission of The Terry Fox Foundation is to raise funds that can be invested in outstanding cancer research. Our work takes place across Canada and benefits people of all ages and locations across the country.
We pursue our mission by strategically investing in highly collaborative, milestone-based research that will translate quickly into practical solutions for cancer patients. Our funding is increasingly focused on precision medicine and hard-to-treat cancers. We are guided by the vision and principles of Terry Fox, who, after witnessing the suffering of the children and young people in the cancer ward where he was treated, made a commitment to helping.

Section 2 - Présentation générale de la demande de don

Type de demande :

financement d’un projet spécifique

Nom du projet :


Résumé du projet :

Montant demandé pour projet (en dollars) :


Activité ou service prévu :

Create a nation-wide collaboration of hospitals, researchers, and clinicians that will build a data sharing platform and joint approach to assessing and treating the deadliest cancers in young people.

Activité ou service prévu :

Sequence the cancer genomes of young cancer patients - biospy their tumours, assess the genetic uniqueness of each patient's cancer and enter this informaiton into the shared database.

Activité ou service prévu :

Utilize genetic informaiton to direct new treatments - following genetic sequencing, PROFYLE doctors from across Canada will assess each individual patient's genetic profile and use that information to uncover new, more effective treatment.

Section 3 - Documents

Votre dernier rapport annuel d'activités


Votre dernier rapport annuel financier


Votre budget de l’année courante (revenus et dépenses)


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Le budget détaillé du projet (revenus et dépenses)